Chuck Claar

“I joined WBC to increase my company’s exposure and develop leadership skills.” As lead in the interiors practice at R.W. Murray Co., Chuck Claar has served on the WBC board for seven years. He has been an active participant on the regional development and programs committees. His biggest accomplishment was taking the lead on the design and construction of the Craftsmanship Hall of Fame and looks forward to assisting with the diversity task force.

Chuck has two daughters, one in college and the other in 5th grade. He hopes to get a dog later this year.

Fun Fact: “I played football in prison, think the longest yard. Ask me about it.”

Favorite Restaurant: Blend 111 in Vienna, VA. “It’s one my team built and it is rated top ten restaurants in Northern, Virginia.”

Favorite Trade: Carpentry/Millwork, followed closely by electrical.

Favorite Tool: Compound Miter Saw.