How to be an Awards Judge

An essential component of the Craftsmanship Awards process is the participation of evaluators who volunteer their time for Judging Day. As a knowledgeable representative of the building industry, we would like to invite you to participate as a judge for the WBC Craftsmanship Awards program.

WBC members and friends are encouraged to serve as “expert evaluators” in one of the following categories:

Concrete - Doors & Windows - Electrical - Finishes - Masonry
- Metals - SiteworkSpecial Construction - Woods & Plastics

Each evaluator is assigned to a team. Teams are made up of 3 to 5 individuals. All evaluators meet for breakfast in January. During that time, evaluators meet the other judges on the team and receive an evaluation packet detailing the five to seven projects their team will view that day.

After a short overview of the evaluation process, teams leave to visit each site, evaluate the entry independently and submit their findings in a sealed envelope to the designated team leader. Site visits are completed by mid-to-late afternoon. Evaluators, then return to same location to submit their score cards and for a reception.

Information on how to become an evaluator will be in September 2020.