How Winners Are Selected

Following the annual Craftsmanship Awards judging day, the judge’s scores are tabulated and entered into a spreadsheet that only contains project entry codes and scoring numbers (click HERE to see sample).  The average team score is calculated for each entry submitted.

In accordance with policy established by the WBC Board of Directors, 28-32% of the total number of entries received each year are selected as Craftsmanship Award winners (typically 80 winners).

Based on the total number of winners allowed for the year, a minimum average team score to win is determined.  Due to this objective selection approach, not all entry subcategories will have Craftsmanship winners each year.

Example (based on the sample mentioned above): 
Total Entries Received:  287
Total Winners:  77  (26%)
Minimum Average Winning Score:  85 and above

The minimum score required to win changes every year.  It all depends on the judge’s scoring.  For example, one year the minimum average winning score was 78.5 and above.

Star Awards Nominees are selected based on the highest scores among all winners with the most number of Star Award recommendations by the judges.  8 Star Award nominees are selected and evaluated a second time by a team of three Star Awards judges.  Three Star Award winners are announced at the end of the Craftsmanship Awards banquet, typically held in March.