1956 Craftsmanship Awards Winners

Henry Barnes

Anning-Johnson Co.
Project:  West Reception Room, French Embassy
Acoustical Tile Ceiling

Paul Bradley

R. E. Anderson Co., Inc.
Project:  East Capitol Dwellings
Boiler Installation

Francesco Carnelli

A. F. Jorss Iron Works, Inc.
Project:  AFL-CIO Building
Architectural metal work, steel stairs

Earl Collingsworth

Standard Engineering Co., Inc.
Project:  Capitol Power Plant
Remodeling and Installation of mechanical work

Louis E. Hendrick

Anning-Johnson Co.
Project:  Motor Hotel for Hot Shoppes, Inc.
Installation, precast gypsum roof deck, dining room

Robert L. Jones

The Washington Woodworking Co., Inc.
Project Bank of Commerce
Walnut wall paneling and counter

Fred R. Klotz

Biggs & Kirchner, Inc.
Project:  Capital Airlines, Inc.
Electrical Work

William L. Leverton

R. T. Hall, Inc.
Project:  Shirlington Trust Company Building
Work as rodman

Arthur L. Miller

Anning-Johnson Co.
Project:  Dupont Plaza Hotel
Installation of acoustical tile

Albert Schlosser

Gichner, Inc.
Project:  International Union of Operating Engineers Headquarters
Sheet metal, 7th floor sun deck

Marlin O. Slentz

Electrical Construction Co., Inc.
Project:  St. Jude's School
Electrical Work

Ben Ray Wagner

T. M. Woodall, Inc.
Project:  Takoma Park Seventh-day Adventist Church
Plastering work