Craftsmanship Awards Nominations Open

The 2021 WBC Craftsmanship Awards program is officially underway!  Entries will be individually evaluated (in-person or virtually) for quality craftsmanship, aesthetics, difficulty of execution and technical excellence. All craftsman, whether employed on job sites, in plants, or in shops, performing work in either the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical or other general trades, are eligible for nomination. This year we are celebrating the 65th WBC Craftsmanship Awards along with the 14th Craftsman Hall of Fame induction.

Craftsmanship nominations are due by the close of business on Monday, February 1.  Decisions regarding how judging and the awards banquet are handled will be taken under consideration as the picture becomes clearer.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this changing landscape together.


We are pleased to announce the following general timeline for the 2021 WBC Craftsmanship Awards program (subject to change):

            February 1, 2021 - Nominations Due
            February 2021 - Judge Sign Up
            March 2021 - Entry Judging
            March 2021 - Announcement of Winners
            April 2021 - Sponsorship Cutoff
            April 2021 - Star Awards Judging
            May 2021 -  Final Ticket Deadline
            May/June 2021 - Awards Banquet or Video