Star Award Winners

As part of the WBC Craftsmanship Awards evaluation process, judging teams are asked to recommend projects that deserve special recognition for demonstrating the highest level of quality, and exceeding the awards criteria to achieve a level defined as “Exceptional”  in one of the following Star Awards categories:

Excellence in the Face of Adversity

For the highest quality job that was done under the most difficult conditions.  Schedule, logistics, site constraints and working conditions all could be contributing factors.  The job must have been demonstrably tough to execute.

Technical Excellence

For the job that involved the highest degree of technical skills in their execution. This award is for the craftsmen who did an outstanding job that required the highest level of skill in their trade or craft.  The required skills should be craft skills as opposed to design skills.

Visual Excellence

For the job that was most visually appealing from a quality craftsmanship standpoint.  The nominated jobs should generate a “wow” reaction from the judges.

The Star Awards Judging team is made up of three individuals whose work and service encompass a broad view of the regional building and construction industry and are entirely independent of the WBC.  The Star Award winners are announced at  the conclusion of the WBC Craftsmanship awards banquet.

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