Awards Judging

An essential component of the Craftsmanship Awards process is the participation of evaluators who volunteer their time for Judging Day. As a knowledgeable representative of the building industry, we would like to encourage you to consider volunteering as a judge for the WBC Craftsmanship Awards 2025 program.

WBC members and friends are encouraged to serve as judges in one of the following categories:

Concrete – Doors & Windows – Electrical – Finishes – Masonry
 – Metals – Sitework –  Special Construction – Woods & Plastics

Each nominated entry are evaluated in January by a team made up of 3 to 5 individuals with experience evaluating projects in particular categories.  Each team member will evaluate the project independently. The evaluators also make recommendations for the Star Awards nominees to the Craftsmanship Awards Committee.  The committee will select the winners of the WBC Craftsmanship Awards based on the judging team’s average score.

Information on how to be a judge for the 2025 Craftsmanship Awards will be available October 2024.