Arched Coffered Plaster Ceilings

Richard DiGuiseppe, George Giannetti Krafft-Murphy Co.

Project: East Front, U.S. Capitol Building
Architect: J. George Stewart, Architect of the Capitol
General Contractor: Chas. H. Thompkins Co.

Cabinet Work

Richard Trimmer The Washington Woodworking Co.

Project: Steadman, Collier & Shannon Office
Architect: Edward Wallace
General Contractor: Standard Construction Co.

Chilled Water Piping

John L. Morrow John C. Grimberg Co., Inc.

Project: U.S. Department of Agriculture, East & West Wings
Architect: Weller & Gooch
General Contractor: John C. Grimberg Co., Inc.

Circular Masonry Wall

George Callahan Anchor Associates, Inc.

Project: Geodesic Field House – Walt Whtiman High School
Architect: McLeod & Ferrara
General Contractor: Merando, Inc.

Conversion of Electrical Service

B. N. Sisson E.C. Ernst, Inc.

Project: U.S. Capitol
Engineer: Walter L. Rubel
General Contractor: E. C. Ernst, Inc.

Exterior Precast

Clarence Harrison Earley Studio, Inc.

Project: Sperry Rand Building
Architect: Mills, Petticord & Mills
General Contractor: Jospeh F. Nebel Co.

Fiberglass Insulation

John J. Connolley Armstrong Contracting Supply

Project: Federal Office Building #4
Architect: Turpin, Wacher & Associates
Engineer: J. Beane
General Contractor: The Poole & Kent Corporation

Installation of V-type Wood Screens

Edgar Ingram Tompkins-Jones

Project: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters
Architect: Harrsion & Abramovitz
General Contractor: Tompkins-Jones

Lead Batten Seam Roofing

Luther B. Garner The Mathy Co.

Project: Washington Cathedral
Architect: Philip Hubert Frohman
General Contractor: George A. Fuller Co.

Marble Column Facing

John E. Gleeson Peter Bratti Associates, Inc.

Project: Dumbarton Oaks Garden , Museum Wing
Architect: Philip Johnson Associates
General Contractor: George A. Fuller Co.

Metal Furring and Lathing

Roland Mills Krafft-Murphy Co.

Project: St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church
Architect: Johnson & Boutin
General Contractor: John S. Stubbs Co.


Robert C. Gottlied, Reginald C. PocockLank Woodwork Co., Inc.

Project: Forest Industries Building , Library
Architect: Keyes, Lethbridge & Condon
General Contractor: The George Hyman Construction Co.

Ornamental Metal Panels

Henry Windel A.F. Jorss Iron Workers, Inc.

Project: St. Ann ‘s Infant and Maternity Home
Architect: E. Philip Schreier
General Contractor: John A. Volpe Construction Co.


Melvin J. Grady Jacob Froehlich Co.

Project: United Brotherhood of Carpenters of America
Architect: Holabird & Root
General Contractor: John A. Volpe Construction Co.

Restoration of Mission Tile Roof and Copper Accessories

Fred Rowe Hamilton & Spiegel, Inc.

Project: U.S. Department of Commerce

Stainless Steel Movable Walls

Darwin Hein, J. Robert Parker Norair Engineering Associates

Project: National Institutes of Health – Building 30
Architect: Ted Englehardt
Engineer: H. Walton Redmile & Associates
General Contractor: Norair Engineering Corporation

Vinyl Wall Covering

Andrew J. Neubauer, Stewart W. Bainum

Project: Park Arlington Motel
Architect: Ronald S. Senseman
General Contractor: Stewart W. Bainum

Walnut Paneling

Clarence Berger Knipp & Company

Project: U.S. Capitol Building – House and Senate Reception Rooms
Architect: J. George Stewart
General Contractor: Chas. H. Thompkins Co.

Wood Window Grills

Roland S. Culler The Washington Woodworking Co.

Project: Embassy of Iran
Architect: Francis Keally
General Contractor: Victor R. Beauchamp Associates