Consigli Construction Co., Inc., has partnered with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to build the new Burtonsville Elementary School in Maryland, alongside MTFA Architecture.

The new, state-of-the-art school will feature an interior courtyard, solar panels, upgraded playgrounds, and new basketball courts and athletic fields.

“Consigli has completed many successful K-12 school construction projects throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, and as a parent raising a family in Montgomery County, I am glad to be able to help support future generations of children and families who also call it home,” said Phil Brault, Director of Operations for the Washington, D.C. office. “The new Burtonsville Elementary School, with its welcoming design, maximized natural lighting and smart layout, will be a place where students will have the resources and spaces to learn and grow.”

The new school will be located at 14709 Saddle Creek Drive— two miles from the current school, which was last renovated thirty years ago and is currently located in an industrial and commercial area – and its new location will help increase student safety, school access and walkability. With an added 24,0000 square feet of instructional and educational space, the new school will be able to accommodate 300 additional students for a total of nearly 800. The building will be erected on 11 acres of green space, nestled close to most students’ homes.

Construction on the two-story building will begin later this year, and the school is expected to open within two years. The project is part of MCPS’ six-year Capital Improvements Project (CIP).

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