Thursday, January 28, 2021

4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
Remo Virtual Platform

Join WBC and event host Fox Rothschild for the annual Winter Networking featuring the remarkable Remo virtual platform. Enjoy the opportunity to catch up virtually using the innovative social platform, Remo Tables. Remo’s 2-D, bird’s eye view of the “room” allows you to move from table to table, video chatting with friends and colleagues. For a quick look at Remo or to watch a welcome video, click here. This free WBC networking event for members and nonmembers is made possible by the generous support of our Annual Sponsors.

The future of virtual networking is out of the chat room and more focused on face to face interaction. Social networking may now have a very digital ring to it, but there’s a proven tradition of relationship building by making acquaintances and establishing your name and reputation. Remo was the first web-video platform allowing people to do face-to-face networking online, just like in-person events for building meaningful relationships. Much like seminars being transformed into webinars, Remo virtual networking is transforming traditional events and conferences.


Remo pioneers a 2-D worldview, allowing objects and visuals to come to life. People attending this event will look down into the platform from a bird’s eye view, so they can see the whole area and immerse themselves in the event.

Remo allows attendees to uniquely experience a tableside talk while virtual.  You will be able to switch to a different table and conversation or move to a table with fewer attendees for a more private chat.


For WBC Members and Non-Members

You will be required to use your WBC Username and Password for registration.  You can register yourself or anyone else from your company.