Aluminum and Porcelain Panel Window Wall Facade

Gilbert Lewis A. F. Jorss Iron Works, Inc.

Project: Columbia Federal Savings and Loan Association

Aluminum Railing

Francesco Carnelli A. F. Jorss Iron Works, Inc.

Project: Operation Engineers Building

Architectural Aluminum

Steve Novotny A. F. Jorss Iron Works, Inc.

Project: Dalecarlia Pumping Station

Boiler Room

John C. Patterson Frank J. Blanch Co., Inc.

Project: Holy Family Parish


Gaspare Tirabassi William F. Nelson, Inc.

Project: Home Office Building, Equitable Life Insurance Company

Cabinet Work and Wall Paneling

Thomas W. Walter Grunley, Walsh & Blanche, Inc.

Project: Archbishop’s Residence

Carpentry and Millwork

Ray Bumgardner Chas. H. Tompkins Co.

Project: International Monetary Fund Building

Copper Roofing

Edward Edinger Gichner, Inc.

Project: Pentagon Building

Metal Furniture

George Giannetti, John Hipkins Gichner, Inc.

Project: Kodak Processing Laboratories, Inc.

Ornamental Plastering

Harry Shearer Novinger Co., Inc.

Project: New Senate Office Building

Paneling, Seats and Lectern

Robert L. Jones The Washington Woodworking Co., Inc.

Project: George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Tile Screen Wall

Kennethy Y. Cooper Allen Ray Corporation

Project: Temple Sinai