Acoustical Tile Ceiling

Henry Barnes Anning-Johnson Co.

Project: West Reception Room, French Embassy

Acoustical Tile Installation

Arthur L. Miller Anning-Johnson Co.

Project:  Dupont Plaza Hotel

Architectural Metal Work and Steel Stairs

Francesco Carnelli A. F. Jorss Iron Works, Inc.

Project: AFL-CIO Building

Boiler Installation

Paul Bradley R. E. Anderson Co., Inc.

Project: East Capitol Dwellings

Electrical Work

Fred R. Klotz Biggs & Kirchner, Inc.

Project: Capital Airlines, Inc.

Marlin O. Slentz Electrical Construction Co., Inc.

Project: St. Jude’s School

Installation, Precast Gypsum Roof Deck and Dining room

Louis E. Hendrick Anning-Johnson Co.

Project: Motor Hotel for Hot Shoppes, Inc.


Ben Ray Wagner T. M. Woodall, Inc.

Project: Takoma Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

Remodeling and Installation of Mechanical Work

Earl Collingsworth Standard Engineering Co., Inc.

Project: Capitol Power Plant

Sheet Metal, 7th Floor Sun Deck

Albert Schlosser Gichner, Inc.

Project: International Union of Operating Engineers Headquarters

Walnut Wall Paneling and Counter

Robert L. Jones The Washington Woodworking Co., Inc.

Project: Bank of Commerce

Work as Roadman

William L. Leverton R. T. Hall, Inc.

Project: Shirlington Trust Company Building