As Aberdeen Proving Grounds continues to transform into a high tech C4ISR Center of Excellence, many of the existing micro and macro artifacts that have been on display to the public are being shipped to other US Army locations throughout the US.  These have all been part of a collection that supported the Ordinance School and Ordinance Museum formerly headquartered at APG.

A&A Transfer, along with partner Meadowlark Transportation has once again been selected by the US Army- Surface Deployment and Distribution Command to transport many of the remaining artifacts to the following Army Garrisons; Anniston, AL, Ft. Benning, GA, Ft. Lee, VA, Ft. Sill, OK and Wright Patterson AFB, OH.

The two tanks pictured above (German Panzer IV left and a Russian T-34-85 right) are a fair representation of the equipment A&A Transfer is responsible for moving.  However there are other tanks and armored guns that are pre-WWII and require additional attention when rigging them on to the various sized flatbeds needed for transport.  The mechanized equipment in most instances no longer have their engines making them totally static. A&A Transfer cranes are required to go onto the grass display field, pick the units up, place them properly on flatbeds, securing them in order for the trucks to leave the APG facility.  Much of the equipment is over- dimensional and over-weight, requiring the trucks to obtain special permits to operate in every state the equipment passes through.

This project will take over 120 truckloads and will require the professional services of A&A Transfer crews 4 weeks to complete.