Gordon was recently selected as a finalist and won Virginia's Inaugural Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition in the category of Green Roadway.  Winners of the competition were selected by a panel of prestigious judges at the 23rd Annual Environmental Virginia Symposium.

Gordon's design was based on a balanced approach between nature and neighborhood to provide a new streetscape with a better quality of life for the residents of this community in Arlington, Virginia.  The design included street trees within bioretention planting, pervious parking spaces, reductions in stormwater quantities leaving the site, and increased stormwater pollutant removal. Click here to view the Virginia LID Competition press release, as well as the winning lightening presentations in each category.

One of the main objectives of this competition was to raise awareness, foster innovation, and encourage adoption of LID techniques. The Virginia LID Competition was funded by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and sponsors of the competition included the Potomac Conservancy, the James River Association, and Friends of the Rappahannock.   

For more information please contact Oomer Syed at osyed@whga.com or (703) 263-1900.