For for 20 years, HSU Builders has proudly supported the local construction industry, local community, and youth development. On Saturday November 23rd, Colin Cappadona and Craig Aronoff, HSU project managers and premier lacrosse coaches, held a Lacrosse Shooting Clinic for 10 boys at the St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, MD. This clinic was donated as a Gift Basket to the WBC for the 75th Anniversary Gala. The Gift Basket was won by Kara Drabick, of Precision Doors and Hardware.

The intensive clinic focused on the importance of shot placement and shooting technique. The group worked on shooting with their feet set, shooting on the run, and ‘quick stick’ shots in close to the goal. The clinic wrapped up with a competition where each player had three shots on goal against the goalie. The clinic was a huge success and HSU hopes to make this an annual tradition.