SMACNA Mid-Atlantic will be in Richmond on January 8 to conduct a three-hour seminar on Fire Life Safety for the Richmond chapter of ASHRAE.  This program will help architects, engineers, general contractors, building managers and others gain a better understanding about the National Fire Prevention Act (NFPA) as it relates to the inspection of fire and smoke dampers.

NFPA’s Act 105 states that, “Smoke dampers shall close upon the detection of smoke in the duct system or from the actuation of area smoke detectors. At least every 4 years, fusible links (where applicable) shall be removed; all dampers shall be operated to verify that they fully close; the latch, if provided, shall be checked; and moving parts shall be lubricated as necessary. The owner shall maintain a written record of testing and maintenance.”

Virginia is governed by Statewide Fire Prevention Code 703.2 that states opening protectives shall be maintained according to NFPA 80.

SMACNA understands that compliance to this act will help save lives for both the building occupants and the first responders. To help contractors and building owners comply, SMACNA has taken the initiative on putting together programs for fire marshals and code officials in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  The presenters for this program will include NEMI’s Director of Education Chuck Holt, SMACNA’s Executive Director of Technical Resources Eli Howard and Metro Test and Balance President Frank Battaglino.  The program will be from 9 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, January 8 at the Trane Service Center in Ashland, Virginia.

Fire dampers are used to prevent transmission of flame where air ducts penetrate fire barriers. A fire barrier is a fire-resistant-rated vertical or horizontal assembly of materials designed to restrict the spread of fire in which openings are protected. They can also be employed in air transfer openings in walls and partitions. Building codes specify where fire dampers are required.

Recently, ANSI certified the inspection program which many SMACNA Contractors have taken classes for and passed the necessary exams in order to qualify for this certification.

As similar one-hour program is being prepared for the Baltimore ASHRAE Chapter on Thursday, April 3. 


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