The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ Mid-Atlantic Chapter honored Stromberg Metal Works President Jerry Robinson with their Distinguished Service Award. The award recognizes outstanding leadership, excellence, and dedication to the industry.  Robinson has chaired the industry’s jointly managed apprenticeship training program for many years. Through his unselfish efforts, the training center grew exponentially by improving both the content and the quality of education provided.  Today, the training center has some of the best equipment and teaching tools available. As a result, this is providing contractors with some of the finest apprentices and journeypersons available.  Graduates of the program know that they have benefited from learning from the most current information available. They have also had first-hand experience with using state of the art technology. 

Robinson has also served as a trustee on the Recruitment Fund that he co-chaired with Local 100 Business Manager John Shields, Jr. Three years ago this program was instituted to provide the training center with a qualified professional recruiter.  Under his leadership, graduating percentages greatly improved. 

Beyond this, Jerry has been a consistent supporter of national SMACNA activities by volunteering to work on a variety of industry matters.  For example, Jerry currently serves on SMACNA’s ITI Apprentice Contest Committee and is a regular contributor to the industry’s SMAC PAC.

SMACNA Mid-Atlantic Chapter President Frank Battaglino saluted Robinson for his tireless and dedicated efforts to improve our industry on both the local and national level.