It’s true for all of us:  Our perception influences our decisions.  However, what we perceive isn’t always what’s really going on.   Today, many investors seem to be acting based on their perceptions of what’s happening in the economy and the markets, but those notions don’t necessarily match up with what our top strategists are observing in the markets and economy.  Our goal is to set the record straight on 10 issues that we believe are critical for investors to understand.  Intelligent planning and investing are essential for investors to realize their financial goals.

  1. The stock market is up over 100% since the recession ended in 2009.
    However, fearful investors have flocked from equities
  2. Fixed income carries higher risk than usual.
    But investors still gravitate toward fixed income as a potential safe haven
  3. The U.S. economy continues to grow.
    Although investors remain pessimistic
  4. Municipal bankruptcies are not widespread.
    They are not widespread as some investors may believe
  5. Successful market timing is seldom a viable strategy.
    Although investors find it tempting
  6. International markets are improving.
    Despite all of the turmoil overseas
  7. It's never too late to start saving for retirement.
    Even starting at age 50, you can accumulate a significant amount
  8. Cash is expensive.
    But few investors consider the impact of low returns and inflation
  9. Asset allocation is critical.
    A majority of investment returns often comes from asset allocation alone
  10. Diversification is key.
    Managing risk and return requires planning

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