By Lawrence Prosen

The past few years in the government contracting space has seen significant changes: from the recently passed infrastructure bill and its $1.2 trillion infusion for the modernization of the country’s rapidly aging infrastructure, to the heightened need for protections from hackers and ransomware “kidnappers” to the use of cloud computing and storage systems. These are issues that impact not only public contracts but commercial business and the public as a whole. The government continues to work to react to these, and other, areas of concern but often after the fact.

With the more recent discoveries of governmental agencies being hacked repeatedly, as perhaps best exemplified in the Solarwinds situation, the U.S. government has seen a heightened awareness and need for cybersecurity protections. It is in this realm that various federal agencies, with the U.S. Department of Defenses (DoD) taking the lead, have expended significant time and resources to try to catch-up with these cyber-threats; threats that both government and private/commercial entities are experiencing and seeing on a seemingly daily basis.

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