On April 22, WBC member BALA Consulting Engineers presented the Office to Lab Conversion webinar.  The webinar was presented by Charles Kensky, Scott Davis and Steven Anastasio of Bala Consulting Engineers.  The presentation discussed how to evaluate current assets to determine if they have the potential for lab conversion and the various MEP/FP and structural systems that will need to be adjusted or supplemented to accommodate future life science requirements. 

With an increase in demand for lab ready spaces, developers and asset managers are looking to reposition their properties to accommodate life science end user requirements. There are several factors that need to be considered when evaluating if an existing building can accommodate life science requirements.  These range from the layout of the building and its core, the structure of the building and of course the infrastructure systems that support the building use. The requirements for lab space vastly differ from traditional office space. Certain assets may be better positioned than others for conversion to lab ready use based on existing infrastructure, property agencies and construction type.

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