WBC Hammerheads Committee hosted the What’s Your Plan for Financial Independence webinar on Wednesday, November 15, 2023.   This financial planning webinar focused on the fundamentals specific to disciplined financial habits, understanding investment terminology, financial planning basics and long-term wealth building.

Jeff Acheson’s 45-year career path in the financial services industry has created a value proposition that is an exceptional and diversified integration of credentialed education, experience-based knowledge, and industry leadership. His fiduciary-based business model focuses on enhancing his ability to be a trusted advisor to high-net-worth individuals, families, businesses and their mission critical employees, retirement plan sponsors and their participants.

Tyler Brose is an experienced Retirement Plan Manager with a wealth of knowledge dedicated to guiding retirement plan participants toward a secure and prosperous retirement. In tandem, he collaborates closely with plan sponsors offering strategic insights in plan design, investment strategies, and ensuring plan compliance. Tyler’s comprehensive approach ensures both individuals and organizations are on the path to financial well-being.

VIDEO Presentation