I wanted to thank all of you first on behalf of the Washington Building Congress and also as this year’s House Captain, for your generous donations of your time, materials, equipment, and labor toward this year’s Rebuilding Together Day house on Saturday, April 29. It would not have been possible without all of you. Marion Talbott, the homeowner, was so happy with the result and told me many times how hard you worked. I think we are all thankful for the weather including no rain.

I would also like to thank the Co-Captains from the Hammerheads group who were extremely helpful this year. Nathan Tegarden, R.W. Murray Co. and Hannah Clark, Carrier as well as our Safety Coordinator Dave Hamilton, Jr., G&M Services, and his wife. R.W. Murray also installed the new mailbox! As always, thanks to Steve Kenton and Rita Reis for their work on event day, organization, advice and assistance, and bringing the U-haul full of tools, coolers, and other items.

Volunteers: Alejandro Perez Arroyo – Christian Perez Arroyo – Marco Arze – Charlie Blanchard – Dan Bond – Donald Branch – Matthew Brassard – Ciara Bucci – Amanda Chesley – Ricky Christian – Hannah Clark – Susan Craig – Ken Ellis – David Hamilton – Dawn Hamilton – Renee Harris – Stacey Holsinger – Robert Hurley – Windsor Iriarte – Stephen Joy – Kent Fee – Sana Khan – Lynn Maia – Jose Maltez – Lauren McLaughlin – Shawn McRae – Juliane Medd – Joe Miller – George Muchmore – Jose Posada – Juan Carlos Reyes – Dan Shupe – Maria Snyder – Nathan Tegarden – David Terry – Brad Tschetter – Jaya Washington – Mahmood Yasseri – Adrian Zavala – Benjamin Zavala – Josue Zavala Ambris and Sergio

Photo courtesy of Galen Photography


  • Landscaping: Ruppert Landscape, Inc In addition to about 5 people who worked hard all day on Saturday, provided soil, mulch, chain saws, powered trimmers, wheelbarrows plants, and the all important chipper.
  • Roofing: Ruff Roofing Repair leaks which were damaging ceilings in the house, replace missing shingles, seal at pipes and chimney, repair dormer flashing and popped shingles, downspout extensions, clean out gutter, infill missing piece of siding, caulk siding joints at j-trim, and replaced gutter to nowhere at porch with diverter.
  • Painting and Power Washing: Precision Wall Tech Power wash and paint the entire exterior of the house, paint shutters, paint handrails, repair paint and plaster damage from roof leaks in living room and kitchen, repaint entire ceilings in those rooms.
  • Carpentry Repairs: HITT Contracting Rebuilt the back porch, provided new storm door on front of house, installed grab bars and smoke detectors.
  • Plumbing: Shapiro & Duncan Replaced and re-piped sump pump in the basement. Inoperable existing pump had resulted in standing water in basement. Also stayed and helped clean out basement including old water heater.
  • Electrical: Dynalectric Company Anchored loose j-box and wiring for sump pump, repaired light sockets, defective outlet and switch, provided new door bell.
  • New Concrete Sidewalk: Miller & Long Replaced old uneven 2×2 paver sidewalk with new 4’ wide concrete sidewalk from driveway to front steps.
  • 30 yd Dumpster: Tammal Enterprises Provided much needed additional 30-yd dumpster. Rebuilding Together provided one, but even using the chipper to reduce volume of yard waste, we filled both of them completely up.
  • Food and Drinks:
    Breakfast: Consigli Construction Co.
    Lunch: Smith Currie
    Snacks: R. W. Murray Co.
    Drinks: Steel Toe Communications
  • Ordering Supplies From Home Depot: Jane Cherney, McCoy Associates

Thank you all again for another successful WBC Rebuilding Together Day!
House Captain
Kent Fee