Enhancing WBC’s member experience – at the heart of new Chair’s strategic initiatives

Originally hailing from Long Island, New York, Michael Baruccheri—Washington Building Congress’s 81st Chairman—has called Washington, DC home since coming to the area to pursue his Master of Science in Engineering from Catholic University in 2002. Having had a strong interest in construction and architecture as a child, his progression through the ranks at AECOM Tishman to senior project manager, shouldn’t surprise you.

“I’ve always felt a sense of accomplishment that accompanies completing a project,” Baruccheri explained. “I have always been fascinated and enjoyed the construction industry.”

Throughout his 15-year career, Baruccheri has had nearly as long of a history with WBC. He first attended the association’s holiday party in 2004. “I remember walking circles in the room,” he said. “Not really knowing anyone.”

That soon changed, however. One of the AECOM Tishman (then Tishman Construction Corporation) executives suggested he get more involved with WBC and join a committee—which he did: WBC’s Hammerhead Committee. This committee is dedicated to connecting its youngest members—under the age of 40—with one another to foster and develop relationships to serve them throughout the course of their careers.

“From that point I always made sure I remained involved and active within the organization.”

And active he was. A few short years later, Baruccheri was nominated to WBC’s Board of Directors, providing him an opportunity for a more prominent leadership role within the organization.

Today, as WBC’s 81st Chairman of the Board, Baruccheri strives to enhance the overall member experience by establishing ways to provide new and improved opportunities to connect its membership, as well as recognize their efforts and achievements. To ensure the continued growth and development of this primary function, the association’s leadership committee recently met to review, discuss and develop WBC’s strategic plan for better serving its membership.

“As part of this strategic initiative,” he said, “in the coming months and years, WBC will be focused on several targeted improvements—a road map towards our organization’s future—including enhancing the capability of our website, a renewed focus on regional development and increased support to member services.”

The first initiative is to upgrade the organization’s website’s functionality by improving its online tools—permitting its members better opportunities to connect online.

“To me, one of WBC’s most significant member benefits is the ability to connect to other people within our industry,” said Baruccheri. “Personally and professionally, these connections yield new opportunities that might not have otherwise been possible.”

The second initiative involves a renewed focus of the Regional Development Committee.

“With the interest of the WBC membership, this committee will actively engage local and regional owners and developers in the DC area for increased participation in our organization’s events and committees.”

Finally, the third strategic initiative will be to provide increased outreach and support to each new member firm for their first year with WBC.

“This effort will be spearheaded by the Membership Services Committee and supported by WBC’s Vice Chairmen,” Baruccheri explained. “They’ll serve as liaisons of the organization—assisting new members in connecting with the membership body, events and programs.”

Baruccheri understands that providing these enhanced, expanded and improved member services is critical in ensuring the health of the organization as it moves forward into the future. At the end of the day, however, members will get more out of the organization with the more they put into it. “During the course of the next year, I encourage each company, and individual, to participate in WBC’s committees and engage in the services and programs that our group continues to offer!”