Help Rebuilding Together Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church
Make Health and Safety Repairs for Low-Income Homeowners

Each year Rebuilding Together Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church makes critical home repairs at no charge for about 100 low-income homeowners. RT-AFF relies mostly on individual volunteers with a range of remodeling skills, but some more extensive and challenging repairs require a contractor with professional skills.

RT-AFF is hoping that some of WBC member companies will step up to tackle repairs that are a good fit with your group. Over the coming months, RT-AFF will periodically be identifying projects they need help with, and WBC will alert its members to these community service opportunities. Because of the pandemic, Rebuilding Together is focusing on projects that require no more than 4-5 people.


  1. A family in Arlington with two disabled children needs bathroom modifications for accessibility including: convert a walk-in shower to zero threshold roll-in shower, widen the bathroom doorway and convert to barn door design, and replace the vanity with an accessible wall-mounted sink. This one-story home is wood frame construction with a crawl space.
  2. A widow in Alexandria apparently has a dead electrical circuit with no ceiling lights in three rooms. A professional electrician needs to diagnose the problem and make the repair.
  3. A low-income homeowner of a townhouse in Springfield has a 6’ wooden fence that’s leaning over due to three 4×4 posts that need to be reset vertically. The homeowner is anxious to correct this problem and respond to a complaint from her homeowner association.
  4. A disabled homeowner in Springfield needs to have a bathtub converted to walk-in shower. The current tub and vinyl surround is 29” x 59”.  This repair will greatly reduce the homeowner’s risk of falling.
  5. RT-AFF has two clients, one in Reston and one in Springfield, that need roof and/or gutter repairs to stop leaks showing water damage inside their townhouses.
  6. A low-income widow in Falls Church needs a complete roof replacement for her 1,200 square foot one-story home in Falls Church.
  7. A homeowner in Vienna needs a garage door opener installed plus repairs to her garage door and asphalt driveway.


If your company is willing to take on any of these repairs, please contact:

  Andrew Tomlinson
  G&M Services
  WBC Community Services Committee Chair