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The WBC Nominating Committee is seeking the recommendation of dedicated members who would like to make a contribution to the overall goals and objectives of our association. The committee has developed the following brief nomination form to encourage membership participation in the process.


CHAIRMAN-ELECT …. (1 year term) …. One Position

VICE-CHAIRMAN …. (1 year term) …. Three Positions

TREASURER …. (1 year term) …. One Position

SECRETARY …. (1 year term) …. One Position

DIRECTOR 2012-2015 …. (3 year term) …. Three Positions

There is no limit to the number of nominations a WBC member can submit. Please use a separate online form for each nomination. Self-nominations are permitted.

Please submit nominations by August 17, 2012

Please use one of the links below to submt your nomination: CLOSED

a) Online Form  (login required)

b) Download the WBC Officer & Director Nomination PDF Form

The WBC Regional Development Committee toured The Wharf southwest waterfront development site on June 12.  The Hoffman – Madison Waterfront team plan aims to produce an active, mixed-use, urban riverfront that showcases distinctive cultural destinations, and build upon the existing, strong waterfront community.

In partnership with the District of Columbia, the PN Hoffman/Madison Marquette joint venture has been presented with a magnificent opportunity to undo the urban renewal legacy of the past and recreate the Southwest Waterfront as a great world class destination.  At the crossroads of monumental and local Washington, their vision is to create vital, thriving, activated spaces catering to visitors and residents alike.

Success of The Wharf is anticipated to transform its surroundings and inspire more investment along the District’s riverfronts.  Hoffman – Madison Marquette envisions water taxis commuting fans to a ball game or bringing families for a visit to the Maritime Cultural Center.  Tourists will venture from the Mall to visit the waterfront.  Visibility will be raised, as will the quality of life for those who experience the Southwest Waterfront.

Another Spectacular Summer Golf Outing!

On Monday, June 11, over 300 players came together at three courses for the 75th Annual Golf Outing. Following the tournaments, players and guests celebrated the start of the summer season during an afternoon awards reception at Lansdowne Resort.

The 2012 Golf Outing Winners are:

Belmont Course
1st Place: Capital Tristate – Team 2
2nd Place:  J.E. Richards, Inc. – Team 3
Closes to the Pin Contest:  Blane Smith
Longest Drive Contest:  Jamie Hart
Putting Green Contest:  Brian Donnellan

Jones Course
1st Place: Maurice Electric Supply
2nd Place:  Precision Wall Tech
Closes to the Pin Contest:  Rich Ednie
Longest Drive Contest:  Patrick Martel
Putting Green Contest:  Scott Vossler

Norman Course
1st Place: Watkins Meegan – Team 1
2nd Place:  Foulger-Pratt Contracting & Bohler Engineering Team
Closes to the Pin Contest:  Rob Suit
Longest Drive Contest:  Brian Simpson
Putting Green Contest:  Todd Scales

50/50 Raffle – Bryan Frady

Our special thanks to ALL sponsors and volunteers.

  Golf Outing Photos On Flickr 

Washington Building Congress members and colleagues proudly participated in the 24th annual Rebuilding Together National Workday on Saturday, April 28.  Special thanks go to House Captain Sarah Farrar (Mark G. Anderson Consultants), Safety Coordinator Cheryl Moy (Perkins & Will), Volunteer Coordinator Steve Willmann (Mark G. Anderson Consultants), the Community Services Committee and Chair Jeff Davidson (Professional Service Industries-PSI).

The Community Services group once again went well beyond the typical scope of work to accomplish this rewarding mission.  Thank you to all of the outstanding volunteers and supporters of this annual WBC community service project.  Special recognition is also in order for Flippo Construction Company and Dan Buckley for taking on the significant exterior drainage and grading work on the project.

Community Services Committee Vice-Chair Sarah Farrar was nominated to serve as House Captain and organized an impressive team of 62 volunteers for the workday.  Due to the amount of work involved with the project, many tasks were started prior to and will be finished following the project workday.  Work on the house included two new accessible doors, extensive drainage/grading enhancements, drywall repair, carpet/flooring upgrades, new drop ceiling tiles, interior/exterior painting, entry handrail replacement, dishwasher repair, a new range, electrical work, extensive yard cleanup/landscaping, and more!


On March 30th, the WBC Hammerheads Committee toured the U.S. Capitol Dome.

Click here to see the photos.

by Nicolas Pasanella, Construction Director, Insight Property Group LLC

I consider myself an enthusiastic WBC Craftsmanship awards veteran.  A judge for the past several years, I enjoy the opportunity to review and discuss the nominees.   This year I was on a mission to get on the “finishes” team, and my application to be a judge could not have been more explicit or emphatic in signaling this interest.  Consequently, on judging day, I got into my car to go to the event, certain that I would spend the next 4-6 hours reviewing finishes and innovative design.

When I arrived I saw the  – “Special Construction”  placard on my table.    Knowing that this was a catch all for nominations that didn’t quite fit into other categories, I had a sneaking suspicion that my judging team might spend the day looking at the more technical projects.   Unsurprisingly, our first two visits consisted of reviewing flashing and waterproofing details.   As I read down the list, I saw the next project on our agenda: “scaffolding”, I couldn’t help but feeling that waterproofing might represent the apogee of our day.

As we drove up to the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building, I noticed metal scaffolding wrapping the building and promptly assumed that we would be looking at a typical sidewalk protection job.   So, like any other productive employee, I pulled out my phone and starting checking e-mail.   In the haze of responding to an annoying message, we moved into the building and to my utter amazement when I looked up from my tiny phone screen, I saw an enormous series of scaffolds towering five stories and over a block long. 

The repetition of the members was gorgeous and sculptural.  As a super-structure within the envelope it was iconic.  The super structure was completely transparent, providing open sight lines through structural members, through columns, walls, stairs.  You saw through the structure, like you see through a skeleton, understanding how everything worked and held together.   It was a visual essay in building dynamics.

It also allowed multiple vantage points on the same subject, in this case frescoes on the wall.  We saw them from the floor-looking up, then from the mid-point-looking out directly at eye level, then finally from high above looking down.  This sequencing of the multiple perspectives on the same subjects was fantastic and memorable.

At the end, our team nominated this job for the highest WBC Craftsmanship honor, the Star Award.

Not only was it the most amazing scaffolding job that I ever saw, it was the only scaffolding job that ever amazed.   I must admit to being glad that nobody paid attention to my request to be on the “finishes” judging team.   Talk about finding treasures in the most unexpected places and even more importantly being part of a profession that can make treasures out of the mundane.

Thank you to Elizabeth Benshoff and Rutherfoord for hosting the Verizon Center Lexus Suite for the April 4 Washington Wizards vs. Indiana Pacers game.   Pictured with the Washington Building Congress group is 7 foot 7 inch George Muresan,  who was selected by the Washington Bullets in the 1993 National Basketball Association (NBA) draft.  Muresan is one of the tallest players in NBA history, along with Manute Bol who also played for the Washington Bullets in the 1990’s.

The WBC Hall of Fame provides a prestigious way to permanently recognize the ‘best of the best’ in our industry. The Washington Building Congress is the ‘umbrella organization’ of the architectural, engineering and construction industry for the Washington D.C. metro area. This video was played live for over 1,000 gala attendees.

Watch the 2012 Craftsmanship Awards Hall of Fame

On March 12th, members of the Hammerheads Committee were given a tour of the Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building in Washington D.C. Grunley Construction Co., Inc. is the general contractor and Scaffold Resource, LLC provided the scaffolding for this project.

Mobilization began in February 2011 and they are scheduled to dismantle the last piece in February 2013. The scaffolding was erected to provide a temporary weather-tight barrier during the roof structure replacement as well as to provide working platforms for a complete exterior masonry repair. Some of the highlights include approximately 4000 aluminum beams at an average length of 13’ for a total of 52,000 linear feet of aluminum beams! Scaffold Resource used a 10 man crew to install approximately 3,150 sheets of ¾” fire rated plywood; more than 75,000 scaffolding parts are utilized on this project.

Hammerheads Committee members pictured (l-r): Michelle Kim, Jacqueline Beruete, Elizabeth Benshoff, Nina Manguiri, Steven Patt, Chris Glinski, Leora Davalos, Brandon Cole, Mike Baruccheri, and Andrew VanLandingham. These are the members of the WBC Hammerhead Group who are touring project sites, as well as other team building activities to promote education and additional experiences.

The Art’s and Industries Building project was awarded the 2012 Craftsmanship Star Award for scaffolding; congratulations to Scaffold Resource, LLC!

Special thanks to Leora Davalos and Joel Ross of Scaffold Resource, LLC for arranging the tour.