Mike Newman

How long has your company been a member of WBC? I’ve been involved since 2013.

Why did you get involved with WBC? I liked that the organizations’ membership included designers as well as general contractors and other craftsmen.

Describe WBC in 3 words: Industry education, growth, networking.

What company do you work with and what’s your role there? Timmons Group. I help create new relationships that can turn into design projects for our engineering professionals.

What is your favorite event and why? The holiday party as the venue and food are excellent and you see all people in development and construction.

What advice would you give to a new member?  Get involved in the organization and volunteer on a committee that interests you to get to know the membership better. Consider it personal development of your skill set.

What prior committees have you served on? Membership – let us keep growing!

Share one fun fact that members might not know about you:  I started in the industry as a sales engineer for a ready-mix concrete company.

Favorite educational event you attended and why: Developers summit and the economic outlook and forecast events due to the information provided on trends.

Describe your golf skills: Basic, minimal. I can hit the ball straight.

Favorite Activity Outside of Work: Hiking.

Favorite Place to Travel: Carribean.

Favorite Restaurant: Hmm, so many!

Favorite Tool: Hammer.

Favorite Trade: Concrete.

Describe your family, animals included:  I live with my husband of 20 years.

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