The WBC Regional Development Committee toured The Wharf southwest waterfront development site on June 12.  The Hoffman – Madison Waterfront team plan aims to produce an active, mixed-use, urban riverfront that showcases distinctive cultural destinations, and build upon the existing, strong waterfront community.

In partnership with the District of Columbia, the PN Hoffman/Madison Marquette joint venture has been presented with a magnificent opportunity to undo the urban renewal legacy of the past and recreate the Southwest Waterfront as a great world class destination.  At the crossroads of monumental and local Washington, their vision is to create vital, thriving, activated spaces catering to visitors and residents alike.

Success of The Wharf is anticipated to transform its surroundings and inspire more investment along the District’s riverfronts.  Hoffman – Madison Marquette envisions water taxis commuting fans to a ball game or bringing families for a visit to the Maritime Cultural Center.  Tourists will venture from the Mall to visit the waterfront.  Visibility will be raised, as will the quality of life for those who experience the Southwest Waterfront.