The WBC Nominating Committee is seeking the recommendation of dedicated members who would like to make a contribution to the overall goals and objectives of our association. The committee has developed the following brief nomination form to encourage membership participation in the process.


CHAIRMAN-ELECT …. (1 year term) …. One Position

VICE-CHAIRMAN …. (1 year term) …. Three Positions

TREASURER …. (1 year term) …. One Position

SECRETARY …. (1 year term) …. One Position

DIRECTOR 2012-2015 …. (3 year term) …. Three Positions

There is no limit to the number of nominations a WBC member can submit. Please use a separate online form for each nomination. Self-nominations are permitted.

Please submit nominations by August 17, 2012

Please use one of the links below to submt your nomination: CLOSED

a) Online Form  (login required)

b) Download the WBC Officer & Director Nomination PDF Form